Does it REALLY work this way?


Yes! This wonderful system definitely works!

If you put in some easy work, you WILL get free money to buy a PSP, which means you are actually getting it for free!  

As all of us know, the Internet is full of "get rich quick" schemes; to get a free PlayStation Portable, you will need to invest some time in this process. You will need to read this page and follow the directions CAREFULLY.

Can you see the pictures on the right column? Those are proofs from normal people like you and me who received tons of free money with this system!

Still don't believe me? What about the following video report featuring a major network like NBC explaining the whole concept??


NBC News Story



The concept has also been featured in countless number of articles:

People have been getting free gifts for years (since 2003 to be exact).

The companies that send these free gifts DON'T LOSE ANY MONEY. They are actually profiting! Yes, you heard it right, these companies are NOT losing ANY money by sending these gifts. The deal is that advertisers are eager to find out the latest market needs to fulfill them, that's why they are willing to pay you money to find out what interests you. It is a win-win situation! You get free money to buy a PSP and the company giving away the money gets enough profit to stay in business.

CashCrate, the company which sends the gifts, has already given away thousands of free bucks even though it has launched from just 2 years!


How to get a FREE PSP: The Steps


And now what you have been waiting for... the STEPS!

STEP #1 (Signing Up)

- Register a free email address (gmail, hotmail, or anything). I will tell you why shortly.

- Sign up to get your free PSP using the following link (be sure to use your newly created email address) 

- Registration is 100% FREE.

- You will NOT get ANY KIND OF SPAM from CashCrate.

- Your personal information will be kept PRIVATE & SAFE.

- You can delete your account at any time.


STEP #2 (Completing offers...Please read carefully)


**NOTE**  If you live outside USA, you will find very few offers to complete. If it is the case, I advise you to skip this step and jump to step 3.

- After signing up, log in to your CashCrate account using your newly created username and password.

- You will be taken to the Members Area.

- You will be prompted to complete your profile. I advise you to select all categories because this increases the number of offers you can complete.

- After completing your profile, click "Complete Offers" link.
- Click the "Cash Offers" tab. Then, from the dropdown menu next to "Show", choose "100% Free" and click "Go". There are over 300 free offers for US residents to complete, with new offers added regularly.

- YOU MUST use the same email address you registered with on CashCrate to complete the offers. You may receive spam emails after you complete the free offers; that's why I advised you to register a free email address. You should use Internet Explorer when you complete the offers and disable popup blockers, firewalls, and antiviruses you have because they have well known crediting issues.

- When you complete free offers, CashCrate receives money from the advertisers. CashCrate uses part of this money to send your free gifts. The point I want to declare is that CashCrate doesn't lose a single penny!

- It is a very simple system and concept (yet very effective) that will get anyone a free PSP!

STEP #3 (Referring Friends)

**NOTE**  You aren't obliged to refer friends but it increases your earnings !

Here comes the funniest and coolest part. When you refer friends, you get 20% of what they make in each month. For instance, if you refer a friend and he/she makes $80, you make $16. Furthermore, if your friend refers also one of his/her friends and the latter joins and complete offers, you will make 10% of what he/she earns. For instance, if your friend who made $80 refers a friend and the latter made $100, you make $10 off your friend's friend plus $16 from your own friend!

- CashCrate will give you a unique referral URL (example: , where 456 informs the company that you referred a certain person to the website). You can find your referral link to give to your friends by clicking the "Referral Info" link in your Members Area.

- By referring some friends (using your referral link), you give them the opportunity to get free money themselves.

Prove to your friends that this website is 100% legitimate by completing offers quickly!

- Here are some ways to get quick and easy referrals:

  • Post on GPT forums.
  • Keep your referral link on your Sig. on all forums with a brief explanation.
  • Find chat rooms and groups that have the sole purpose of "Easy Money Making"
  • Write a classified ad.
  • Participate in free traffic exchanges
  • Add your site/blog to digg, stumble upon, Bumpzee,, etc
  • Register to where you can exchange referrals.
  • Send an email to all your family members and friends briefly explaining the idea and put your referral link there.
  • Bribe your friends with lunch.....LOL :)

- Remember that when you refer friends and eventually they register and complete free offers, they are not only helping you, they are getting the same opportunity as you to get free PSP.

**NOTE**  You aren't forced to complete offers and refer friends but by doing both, you increase your earnings.


Final Step: Receive your FREE money From CashCrate!

By filling some free offers and referring some friends, you are GUARANTEED to receive a cool check from CashCrate.

Well, it was a LOT of talk! Glad to see you have come this far! Obviously, getting a FREE PSP actually involves some work but the reward is worth a LOT more than it!

A LOT of people have already done it and now it is your turn....So, TAKE ACTION!